From Headbands to Lemonheads, meet Joey Aich

We paired up with Columbus boutique suit shop, Pursuit, in 2017 in an effort to introduce more community to the local brand. For nine months, we brought in artists of different genres to hop on the store's front window stage and highlight their talent to Short North's High Street. Rocking a Pursuit suit, of course. We filmed behind-the-scenes suit fittings, caught photos of them throughout the city, drank lots of Mission Coffee and brews with them and brought in a whole new crowd of Pursuit fans.

The 2017 series took on a life of its own so much so that it demanded a season two. 

Never wanting to do the same thing twice, The Wild Path came up with a collaborative spin for 2018.

We're excited to let you behind the curtains to our SEASON TWO KICK OFF ARTIST, Joey Aich, who brought along his buddies to perform as


Without further ado, meet Joey.

Joey Aich is an original, always showing up to support and never without his signature sweatband. Joey creates music that subverts today’s hip hop norm. He pays homage to the 90's golden age: focusing on flow and story development — yet, he isn’t stuck in the past. He hops on cutting edge beats and peppers his flow with a hard-nosed, all-knowing personality. He has performed with the likes of Asher Roth, Curren$y, Cal Scruby, Super Duper Kyle! and many others. His latest project If Money Grew On Trees dropped Friday, March 30 — and one of our favorite tracks is Lemonheads featuring Billie Mitchell. It's perfect. He performed it for the first time live at his In Pursuit show.

WILD PATH:  What's your style? Think fashion style, music style, your personality style. Put another way, what do you stand for? If you could only keep five things in your life the same, what would you pick?
JOEY AICH: I would say my style in uniquely me. I know that's very cliche, but I’m very comfortable with myself and and love giving people me whether it's music or fashion. I stand for love and inspiring others. I feel like I’m my best when I’m embodying those things. I would absolutely keep my family and friends the same. Umm... obviously music. My smile and being from Woodmere Village, near Cleveland, Ohio.

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WILD PATH: If you had a chance for a “do-over” in life, what would you do differently?
JOEY AICH: I wish I started creating and letting my light shine earlier in life. I was always scared. I felt like it wasn’t that important, but as I started to create within myself, I realized shining myself helps others shine theirs as well.

WILD PATH: You say you experienced being scared. How did you stop being scared? Was there a specific moment you remember more confidence start to kick in?
JOEY AICH: There were a few things that stopped my fear. First, I realized that a lot of my fear was rooted in what my peers would think. I was nervous they’d think I wasn’t good or talented. I wasn’t confident in my own abilities. When I first started to share it to the masses and be vocal about it some of my peers said it was pretty good and not what they expected, so that made me feel better and more secure. Furthermore, when I started sharing it felt like a release for myself. I felt good inside that I created something and made myself extremely vulnerable to be judged and criticized publicly. That feeling was something I never experienced before because the lyrics were so personal.

For people stuck in fear I would say take the leap. Ask yourself what's stopping you? I know for me it was the fear of 1) What others would say? and 2) What would happen in the long run if I made the leap? Take those fears and turn them into motivation. Also realize that you have a story and it's important, and if creating is your way of getting it to the people, take it and run with it.

WILD PATH: Share one of your most defining life moments.
JOEY AICH: Performing at Breakaway Music Festival. There was a moment on stage I almost cried because I’ve been doing a song for so long working to get to a point like that and it sort of got me emotional. The whole weekend was amazing.

WILD PATH: What are you most excited about right now?
JOEY AICH: I’m most excited about uncertainty. The fact that I have no idea where I’ll be in a couple weeks, months, or years is exciting. I always tell people in music/entertainment, your life can change any moment and not knowing when my moment will be keeps me up striving to reach it.

WILD PATH: Anything else you want to share?
JOEY AICH: I just released my first commercial music project, If Money Grew on Trees, on all streaming platforms! It's available on my website along with a personalized letter that I wrote to my family/friends/and audience. I’m honored to be able to join a roster of special talents to perform at the In Pursuit Series!

Catch a look below at his performance that opened In Pursuit Season 2.

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